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At Circle M Spring, we manufacture high quality, precise engineered components for the firearm industry.  CMS holds a cage code with the Federal Government, as we supply various

components to the US Military.  From Buffer Tubes, Trigger Springs, QD Swivels, Pins

and more.  Our team is highly proficient in the needs of this industry and able to work with designers to perfect each element.

AR Breakdown
Pistol Breakdown
American Made
Buffer Tube

Buffer Tube

Magazine Springs

Magazine Springs

AR Rifle Handguard

AR Handguard

Barrel Nut Assembly

Miscellaneous Barrel Components

QD Swivel

QD Swivels

Firearm Spring Kit

Firearm Spring & Pin Kit

Fireamr Pin Kit

Firearm Pin Kit

AR Rail

AR Rail

QD Scope Mount

QD Scope Mount

Capabilities (not limited to)

  • Action Spring

  • Bolt Catch Spring

  • Buffer Retainer Spring

  • Buffer Tube

  • Car Action Spring

  • Charging Handle Latch & Spring

  • Cover Spring

  • Detent Take Down Spring

  • Disconnector

  • Ejection Port Cover Door

  • Ejector Spring

  • Extractor Spring

  • Front Slight Spring

  • Gas Ring/Bolt

  • Hammer Spring

  • Handguard

  • J-Wire

  • Magazine Catch Spring

  • Plunger Spring

  • QD Swivel

  • QD Scope Mount

  • Rail

  • Receiver End Plate

  • Trigger Spring

Materials (not limited to)

  • 70-75 Aluminum

  • Cold Roll Steel

  • Stainless Steel

(secondary services - not limited to)

  • Anodizing

  • Hydro-Dip

  • Black Oxide

  • Gold Irridite

  • Paint

  • Rubber

  • Zinc

  • Passivation

  • Plating

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